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Information Provision Service For Discovering Sports Players
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The Importance of Early Identification of Youth Athletes

Talent Development

Identifying young athletes with potential at an early stage allows for focused development and nurturing of their skills and abilities.

Long-Term Development

Early identification allows for long-term development plans to be implemented, ensuring a solid foundation of skills, technique, and physical conditioning that can be built upon as the athlete progresses.

Skill Acquisition

Early identification enables coaches and trainers to provide targeted training programs tailored to the individual needs of young athletes, maximizing their skill acquisition and development.

Psychological Benefits

1.Recognizing talent early can boost young athletes' confidence, motivation, and dedication, leading to a positive mindset and increased commitment to their sport.

Competitive Advantage

Identifying talented youth athletes early provides them with a competitive advantage as they have more time to refine their skills, gain experience, and excel in their chosen sport.

Scholarships and Opportunities

Many sports organizations and educational institutions offer scholarships and opportunities for young athletes, and early identification increases the chances of securing such benefits.

Data-Driven Youth Athlete Scouting Service Proposal

Contents of the Service

• We provide the basis for judging a player's potential.
• You can request cumulative data of the youth of interest.
• You can subscribe to the data of the youth you are interested in.
• You can request detailed data of the youth you are interested in.
• You can request support to meet players.

<We select and provide information for young people >
- with good athletic ability -

Why do you need a youth player DATA?

• Recording body data helps track the growth and development of youth athletes.
• Recording injury data for youth athletes helps with injury management and prevention.
• You can discover players of interest.

<Based on the data, you can predict the growth of players>

We are providing a service to analyze students' physical abilities.

• Customer: School, Physical Education Academy
• Analysis target: general students, youth players, etc
• Retained Technology: Exercise Ability Analysis AI System

<We have secured the data of excellent youth players>

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